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Take a look at our CSC2016 programme for an idea on how CSC2017 will look!
Day 1
15 Mar 2016
Day 2
16 Mar 2016

Morning opening and Networking

8:30 – 9:00 Welcome to CSC2016, we will start with an opportunity to arrive and grab a coffee whilst networking with the other delegates and meet the exhibitors.

Introduction and Welcome

9:00am sees a short introduction from Brian Lightowler of QG Management and a member of the North West Cyber Security Cluster.

View from the regulator

Regulatory Changes Affecting the Civil Nuclear Supply Chain Sam Challinor of the Office of Nuclear Regulations will open the days talks with a view from the regulator. An overview of how...
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Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience Chris Gibson of CERT UK will provide a talk on cyber resilience.

Threats To Nuclear

Dr Ian Buffey of Atkins Global will take a look at specific threats to nuclear.

Understanding cyber-physical threats to critical infrastructure

Understanding cyber-physical threats to critical infrastructure Cyber-physical attacks cannot be understood within the framework of IT security. They require background knowledge of industrial control systems and their specific vulnerabilities. Ralph...
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Cevn Vibert will be looking at the issues facing SCADA and industrial control systems, mainly in the nuclear sector.

CNI Panel

A panel of speakers seen during the course of the day.

Cyber Security – the Government’s approach to securing businesses

Cyber Security – the Government’s approach to securing businesses Richard Bach will be presenting a talk from the ministry perspective on Cyber Security – the Government’s approach to securing businesses


With lunch being provided for you, it is time to refresh and catch up with some of the delegates and to take the opportunity to talk to the exhibitors.

Workshop with Ralph Langner

Ralph Langner will be providing an excellent opportunity to have a more personal workshop with him, How to stage a cyber-physical attack on critical infrastructure — and how to defend against...
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Psychology of Hacking – What is the biggest security threat to your business?

We will discuss how the marked difference between the business mind-set and the attacker mind-set creates endless opportunity for breaches….

Attacks on Banks and Customers

Andrew Dillin of Virgin money will be taking a look at the attacks on banks and their customers as part of the critical national infrastructure.

Training and Qualifications

Adrian Davis of ISC2 will be hosting a talk on what training and qualifications are available and what is required to deal with CNI.

DCPP Cyber Security Model

Defence Cyber Protection Partnership How government and industry are working together to address the cyber threat to the defence supply chain, through increased supply chain awareness, improved information sharing and...
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Panel Session

Our second panel session of the day will feature questions and answers with some of the speakers seen over the course of the day.

Stealing Your Identity with Bennett Arron

At 15:45 – 16:30 Bennett Arron is a famous comedian who had his own identity stolen. To show how this could happen to anyone, Bennett created a television programme in...
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Networking Close

The close of day one we invite you to continue to network and meet fellow delegates. Close of day will be 17:00

Morning Opening and Networking

The start of day two 8:30 – 9:00 will open with coffee and exhibitors and a chance to meet fellow delegates.

Introduction and Welcome

At 9am we will have a short introduction by Brian Lightowler of QG Management and a member of the NWCSC.

Threat Landscape

Nahim Fazal of BlueLiv Looking at what we mean by Intelligence – what is targeted intelligence – how you use this to achieve adaptive security

Incident Response

What do you need to do during an attack? Wendy Cheshire of Control Risks will be taking us through incident response.

The Cyber Industry

Jane Frankland will be looking at the current state of the cyber security industry and the roles of women in cyber.

Attack Case Studies

Sam Alderman-Miller of Darktrace will be showcasing some attack case studies which Darktrace have helped to deal with.

Large Company Attack Analysis

Let’s Talk (Talk) With 2015 being remembered as ‘the year of the cyber breach’, no one case gained as many headlines as when Talk-Talk suffered at the hands of hackers,...
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Human Vulnerabilities

World renowned speaker, Jenny Radcliffe – aka “The People Hacker” – is a force to be reckoned with. She can diffuse a crisis situation, talk her way into a secure building...
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Seeing things differently, Identifying threats and mitigating against them

Bryan Campbell from Fujitsu who famously reverse engineered Dridex will be providing an insight on how he did this and Fujitsu’s future plans. Working outline: How malware works – a...
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Projects and Initiatives in The North West

Dan Prince of Lancaster University and also a member of the NWCSC will be showcasing the projects and initiatives in the North West of England. Daniel will present his research...
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Panel with Neira Jones

Famous speaker Neira Jones will be hosting an interactive questions and answers panel with some of the speakers who have featured that morning.


Enjoy lunch on us whilst networking with fellow delegates and exhibitors.

Workshop with Jenny Radcliffe

How to bullet proof your business against social engineers will the the title of Jennys workshop.

National Cyber Crime

Geoffrey Conway of The National Cyber Crime Unit will be talking about the threats facing businesses on a national scale.

Cyber Security Consultant Service

CESG will be hosting a presentation on their cyber security consultant services, why it came about and how it will improve the delivery of Cyber Security Services

Training and Certification from Infosec

Professional development using the IISP Skills Framework The options open for training and certification to help career progression and secure the workplace. Designed to help individuals understand their current skill...
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Q and A panel session

Our last panel session of the conference will see a questions and answers session with some of the speakers featured that day.

Closing Remarks from NWCSC

At 15:30 – 15:45 Brian Lightowler will provide the closing remarks and a thank you from all of the team at NWCSC.

Cyber Essentials Workshop

At 15:45 – 16:30 The NWCSC will be hosting a workshop for cyber essentials at the end of day two. With several CE certification bodies and ACE Practitioners on hand,...
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Take a look at our CSC2016 programme for an idea on how CSC2017 will look!