CSC2016 Lineup

We are very excited here at CSC2016 headquarters at the line up of speakers we have in store this March at The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool.

As well as guests from the NWCS Cluster and our supporters, The NDA and DECC, we have carefully selected a number of high quality speakers professionals in their field to help you to understand the risks and how to implement good cyber security.

Day one will have a nuclear focus with general threats and other aspects such as the MoD and the European Commission also providing talks. It is an ideal opportunity to learn how to bid for contracts with them and what kind of cyber security you as a company need to have to be able to deal with them.

As more government bodies and large corporations begin to have in place a need for the supply chain to have a level of cyber security to bid, it will become a requirement not an option to ensure your business is cyber safe.

We have also ensured we have several entertaining speakers during both days such as Aaron Bennett and Jenny Radcliffe who are renowned within Ted Talks circles and have publications televised. These keynotes are not to be missed!

We also have fascinating talks which include threat maps from Blueliv and the extremely popular Ralph Langner.

Ralph Langner heads Langner, an independent cyber-security firm that specializes in control systems — electronic devices that monitor and regulate other devices, such as manufacturing equipment. These devices’ deep connection to the infrastructure that runs our cities and countries has made them, increasingly, the targets of an emerging, highly sophisticated type of cyber-warfare. And since 2010, when the Stuxnet computer worm first reared its head, Langner has stood squarely in the middle of the battlefield.

As part of a global effort to decode the mysterious program, Langner and his team analyzed Stuxnet’s data structures, and revealed what he believes to be its ultimate intent: the control system software known to run centrifuges in nuclear facilities — specifically, facilities in Iran. Further analysis by Langner uncovered what seem to be Stuxnet’s shocking origins, which he revealed in his TED2011 talk.




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