CSC2016 Launch at Trend Micro

CSC2016 will see the hard launch today at Trend Micro

The North West Cyber Security Cluster have been working closely with Trend Micro over a number of years and have collaborated on several projects and today sees two of its members, Brian Lightowler of QG Management Standards and Tony Wilson of Indelible Data launch CSC2016 at Trend Micros head offices in Paddington Central, London.

With March the 15th and 16th, the date of our free two day conference in Blackpool just around the corner we felt a launch at Trend Micro would be an excellent way to announce the fact that we are ready and rearing to go! The conference team have had a great time speaking to so many people organising the conference and it has been interesting to see how things have grown and developed since last years conference. Many worries and apprehensions remain the same but the level of protection, counteraction and the way in which we deal with breaches have all moved on as swiftly as we had hoped and this years conference will reflect this.

Building on the huge success of CSC 2015, we are bringing some great speakers to The Imperial Hotel in Blackpool from organisations such as the NDA, ONR and European Commission, as well as individual experts in specific fields.

“Over the 15th and 16th March, we will learn about the lifecycle of a cyber attack along with the impact the attack may have, and how the professionals deal with them.”
Stephen Robinson, Chairman, NWCSC

For organisations wishing to reach new customers and audiences from the likes of the nuclear industry, defence, education and Government, our cluster sponsorship opportunities offer fantastic value, as do our exhibtion spaces. Full details can be found in the sponsorship section of our website.

Keynote Speakers

We have carefully selected our keynote speakers to offer differing perspectives on cyber security; from Ralph Langner, a leading analyst and reverse engineer on the Stuxnet virus to Bennett Arron, a comedian who has appeared on Channel 4 after being the victim of identity theft. Our other featured speaker here, Jenny Radcliffe, is an expert on social engineering, or “hacking the human”.
Bennett Arron
Identity Theft Victim
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Jenny Radcliffe
Social Engineer
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Ralph Langner
Stuxnet Analyst
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To ensure your free place at this year’s conference, supported by the NDA and DECC,click here.

The CSC 2016 Team

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