About CSC 2016

North West Cyber Security Conference

The Cyber Security Conference 2016 is a coming together of the North of England’s two most successful Cyber Security Conferences; BEC Information & Data Security Conference and Lancaster University’s North West Cyber Security Conference. The NWCSC has for the past 2 years headed the organisation of the event with the help of all its associate and full members.

The Cyber Security Conference 2015 was a huge success with over 250 delegates visiting us over the two days. We have already got in place some fantastic keynote speakers for CSC2016 and we will be exploring more individual areas of cyber security to provide even more useful information.

We have carefully planned the storyboard for both days which will entail looking at the critical national infrastructure on day one with speakers from The ONR, The NDA, Virgin Money and The INS covering topics such as attacks on finance companies, the general threat landscape and SCADA. If you are a business looking to deal with the MOD, nuclear sector or other CNI body, this conference will be a vital tool to aid you in doing so.

Day two will follow a similar board to day one with a selected choice of speakers which will aimed more towards general business. Speakers from The National Cyber Crime Unit, Lancaster University and famous names such as Jenny Radcliffe and Neira Jones, day two will provide information on the general threats to business, insurance for cyber and hacking the human. All things as a business person you need to know!

Reserve your free tickets and we look forward to welcoming you to CSC2016!

From large corporations to micro businesses the importance of protecting personal and commercial information has become much more important with the introduction of the smart phone and other portable device’s.

When it comes to Information Security Systems small businesses and large corporations believe they are doing all they need to secure themselves and their clients.

However, data breaches are on the increase, more fines are being imposed by the Information Commissioners Office, over £3.5 million in the public sector alone in the last 4 years, and large companies are employing an increasing number of information security personnel.

These organisations are now turning their focus on their supply chains as these now form the largest threats to their business continuity and disaster recovery.

Come and join industry leaders and local practitioners for this FREE event, who will share with you the threats, opportunities, contractual obligations and regulations that are starting to hit the widest supply chains.

The conference will be of benefit to Nuclear suppliers, engineering, haulage, Public Sector suppliers, schools, colleges, universities, Personal Information Processors, accountants, legal practices, NHS suppliers, insurance brokers, retailers and wholesalers as well as general business.


If you would like to sponsor the NWCSC to enable us to keep providing these types of events throughout the year, visit our SPONSOR PAGE and we will send you a sponsorship pack with the relevant forms. We have already confirmed delegates from EDF, several areas of police, colleges, Sellafield, Experian, KPMG, IBM, Lancaster University, The NDA, Capita and many more.

Our aim is to bring together the most forward thinking cyber security experts to showcase ideas of current issues and solutions and emerging issues and safeguards. Introducing your businesses to these cyber security professionals will uncover possible weaknesses in your current system which could be open for attack. The cluster will be able to advise on which products or services could help you and the best people within the industry to speak to. We are looking forward to meeting many new businesses and hope you are there too.

Critical National Infrastructure

From nuclear to marine, financial and the psychology of hackers. CNI will be covered in depth on day 1.

Secure your supply chain

Several speakers over the two days will be advising on how a supply chain can be the weakest link.

Certification and Training

Training and certification is at the forefront of most businesses defence against cyber crime. Over the two days, speakers will cover the types available to you.

Story About US

The North West Cyber Security Conference will be tackling a number of areas within cyber security. Hot topics such as cyber crime, securing your supply chain, hacking are just a selection of areas in which our expert speakers will be educating and informing.